Three flute roughing carbide End Mill 6/15 mm

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Has good milling and cutting performance, ensure the high efficiency of the work.

Sufficient bending strength and wear resistance, slot milling, hole and the edge of the board, the surface is clean, neat, no glitches.

High strength, resistance to bending, breakage resistance, and have excellent physical properties, long tool life.

Tool type, suitable for the needs of all aspects of the milling.

Speeds and Feeds for Side Milling (Aluminium alloy RPM 13000 Feed 3000 mm/min) for Slot Milling reduce values by 40%-70%, use air coolant or high mist retardant liquid cooling

Material Process:

Aluminum, Copper, Brass and other Non-ferrous Metals.

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Data sheet

Cutting edge diameter
6 mm
Shank diameter
6 mm
Cutting edge length
15 mm
Total length
50 mm
HRC 55
Number of flutes
Type of end mill
Tool material
Solid carbide

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