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CNC portable router 2020S

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Portable CNC table milling machine with working table 220x200mm and spindle stroke 75mm. This model is focused on home use or beginers.

Air cooled spindle with max. With 14000 rpm/min and NEMA17 stepper motors, along with a stable aluminum construction complete with plastic parts from 3D printing, this machine gives enough power for milling, engraving and drilling in easy-to-machine materials such as wood, plastics, printed circuit boards, non-ferrous metals, etc.

The spindle flange is of the ER11 type and comes standard with a spring collets and tool  starter kit Basic. Tool End Calibration Sensor with Automatic Zero Adjustment is also included.

The milling machine is controlled by standard G code instruction. You can generate G code using CAM software such as. Aspire, Vcarve, Cut 2D, etc. or write manually. Automatic On/Off Spindle with M3 Command. Automatic zeroing of all axes with one "home" button: Two limit switches on each axis (hard limit switch)

There is no need to build the machine or special adjusting. After unpacking, it is immediately ready for use with any PC (laptop) that has a USB port. You just need to install the supplied software

Delivery includes:

1pc CNC portable milling machine 2020

1pc 12V DC spindle 14000 rpm

1pc CNC-GRBL (CNC / laser) controller - (drivers 3xA4988 1A)

3pcs  stepper motors NEMA17

1pc Tool end probe with automatic zero adjustment

1pc Spindle speed control

1pc power supply 12V DC (150W)

All connection cables and installation software


Data sheet

12 V
14000 rpm
Collet type

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